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Entries are CLOSED for Pole Inferno 2022

Date of the competition is Sunday 5th June and Monday 6th June, (Queen's Birthday Weekend) Wellington, New Zealand.

Four categories:
1. Pole Open theme one - Dance, flow and audience appeal are paramount. Suitable for pole students and enthusiasts with intermediate, advanced, elite pole skills and x-factor qualities. There will be a variety of skill levels in this category. There will be a theme to this category -

"Way Back When" Sunday 5th June show

2. Pole Open theme two - Same as above with a different theme  -

"Here and Now" Sunday 5th June show


3. Floor & Base Work

NZ's only Floor Work competition invites entrants with high-level floor work skills to apply. Pole work in this category will be limited to base work (spins and moves using the bottom part of the pole). Stripper-style will be especially showcased in this category. Theme is open. Monday 6th June show

4. Over 35s Pole category

NZ's first over 35s division gives more mature polers the opportunity to compete in their own category. The same criteria as Pole Open apply. ie, contestants will display dance ability, flow, originality and pole skills. If you are over 35 please consider entering this - (You are welcome to enter the other categories instead if you wish). Theme is open. Monday 6th June show


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